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What to do in Azores – Tips and Tricks

Are you a Travel Backpacker?

Well, this piece about Azores is for you.

Are you a family who loves to travel around beautiful countries?

Well, this article will certainly fulfill your veins of excitement.

Are you a groupie or a lonely? Are you the kind of person who always have a large group at your fingertips?

Doesn´t matter, really. These words are right for each and everyone who is addicted to pure nature.


Azores, the place of unmatched beauty

Let´s Learmaze a bit, shall we?

Azores is an archipelago in Atlantic Ocean and an autonomous territory of Portugal.

It is a group of 9 islands and is known by the untouched nature, amazing trails, great food, breathtaking lagoons and fishing villages.


São Miguel Island, Azores

São Miguel is the best-known island of Azores and is becoming even more famous with time. We advise that to really get on São Miguel spirit and bump every piece of ground you need at least a week.

I was there for 9 days and it was just perfect for the full experience.

So, on this article we will tell you what places you can not left unvisited and some nice tips and tricks to save you time once you get there.


Azores - View Lagoa do Fogo


1. First, because the weather is unpredictable, you may go before mass tourism gets there. We went in July, but I believe you can have a good time since May starts till the end of July. That tip is for summer lovers. If you are not a beach person, every time is a good time to visit São Miguel.


2. Pack simple. When the time to pack comes around please make sure you plan as a slow living person. You only need comfortable, easy-going clothes. Well, you may add one or two pieces to go out at night but note that São Miguel it´s not a proper party place. Hope you are not thinking in Ibiza (just kidding).

So, comfy clothes, sneakers, and swimwear, that´s all you need. What about swimsuits? Well, you can either take a swimsuit or a bikini with you, it´s your choice, both are fine and allowed on all beaches and most thermae places and SPA. Oh, please, do not forget a light jacket, nights can get a bit chilly.


3. You can see volcanic activity in many forms. Thermae or natural SPA is a must go, you can not miss all these amazing spots. And please, make at least one of them at nighttime.

Can you imagine, the fresh air outside, you are immersed in warm water, boiling to purify your skin? All of them have therapeutical natural minerals, enjoy it while you keep up with Earth recipes to heal your body.

Also, you can cook a beautiful meal on volcanic lands as well. We will tell you all about it later.


4. Go with the flow. As I said before Azores is very unpredictable, so just do whatever you want to do, one thing at a time. Do you wanna know a trick? Check the weather before you leave home, if the sky is blue and you see no fog on it, take your chance and go to “Lagoa do Fogo”. You never know if you have another opportunity again. The thing is, nature is in charge of the Island and you are in charge of your guts and emotions, use both wisely.


Azores - natural pool

5. Making a list of what you want to do and visit is not a bad thing and sure, we will give you a list of

spots you can´t miss but please, make sure you do it slowly and breathing this amazing air and enjoying the full nature pack.

During my time there I have seen so many people just focused on taking pictures that they didn´t saw the landscape with their own eyes. I assure you, capturing memories is nice but through the lenses, the Island is not the same.

Doing checks on your list is not what Azores should be about. Make sure you are at least some hours in each place on your list.

Walking around, doing some trails and outdoor sports inside of this pure nature capsule is something else.


Soon, an awesome list of places you can´t miss while you are visiting São Miguel Island in Azores.

Keep following us, because we are the traveling shop! News is coming up monthly.

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