The marketplace

Femptie is an e-commerce platform working towards four beautiful codes: bravery, fairness, transparency and equity. It presents itself as a curated online shop that aims to connect consumers to conscious brands, new designers and pioneers; art-crafts included, it desires to unite some of the coolest artisans worldwide.

Mindfully created, establishing an easy access. Shoppers do not need to play hide and seek with these brands anymore. Now you can easily find, in one single place, amazing products that respect Mother Earth and the people who lives in it.



All brands are carefully selected and each one of them has to correspond to our criteria. We have ethical and environmental standards that we watch closely before showcase a brand. It is crucial for us to know #whomadeourclothes. We source products that care about trends, style and fashion fun without sacrifice our planet, as well as, we seek fairly produced brands who allow you to make guilty-free choices. You can explore our criteria through our stamps and legends here.


Showcased brands are stamped in order to label them accordingly with their causes, believes and impact. You can know what each brand are doing to make our world a better place.

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The dream

It all started with a dream.

A strong intent and an inescapable desire to make friendly fashion famous. We believe that brands can drive awareness and boost this movement forward. Disrupting old ideas and bringing to light the misuse of ancient words, as reuse or herbal dyeing, creates the statement to make a step towards conscious consumption.

A testimony

We believe that each one of us has a powerful voice. We just need to believe in our inner change-maker. Perceiving in what kind of purpose we plug, will allow us to drive awareness. We can make part of this journey, this kind of revolutionary transformation. It is up to us what kind of people, places and business we want to empower.

What kind of testimony are you creating?


The travel

We invite you to come on board and make this journey with us!

We promise: lots of fun, cool clothes and endless adventures together. Venturing side by side, we can tackle some of the global issues in fashion industry. Co-creating solutions, re-shaping standards, bringing sustainable and fair pieces together in one single place –

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