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Second-hand Books Online: where to buy new and used books

Second-hand books online are easy to find these days. Just ask for it on Google and you will find a great number of links answering you right back. So, what are we doing here today?

We are here because I have a list of the best places online to get your used books.

I will share it with you. Just relax and enjoy it!


Second hand books

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Used books or Pre-loved books as I like to call it

The word pre-loved is so much adorable. We can imagine how another person was so amazed by that reading that she couldn´t stop him/herself and wanted to share that feeling with someone else. And that someone else: it´s you.

Ready to get that list?



List of stores selling second-hand books online:

  • Femptie: Portuguese online store for pre-loved books and magazines. It also supports and showcases Independent Writers, Artists, and Artisans;
  • Brotherhood Books: Australian social enterprise that believes in the right to read. They collect and resell used books;
  • Thrift Books: US-based; this company is one of the largest resellers of reused books;
  • World Of Books: a for-profit store that is worried about sustainability;
  • Abe Books: a store for used books, first editions, and rare books. They are open since 1996;
  • Awesome books: US store that gather a lot of genres of books;
  • Better World Books: US store that started as an idea on the university campus;
  • Music Magpie: Music Magpie sells not only second-hand books, but also refurbished techs like games and consoles;
  • Book Mooch: this store works with points. You can sell your old books and earn points to buy the books you want;
  • Alibris: sells new books, second-hand books, and rare books;
  • Strand Books: store opened in 1927 has a place to gather readers and writers. Still sells used, new and rare books;
  • Psycho Babel: here you can find rare secondhand books;
  • Kiwi Best Buy: started as a physical New Zealand secondhand store. Now is operating online;
  •  Alibris: where you can find over 175 million new and used books;
  • Thryft: bookstore for pre-loved books.


Second hand books

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Do you have some wisdom on rare books?

Look for the book you want – Book finders

Are you looking for something rare and kind of unique? Do you know which book you are looking for but do not know where it is? Well, we may have some answers for you.


  • Bookfinder will help you to get the information you need. All you need to do is search by:
  1. Author and Title;
  2. Or by ISBN.


  • Used Book Search: you can search for books you want to find. All you need to do is search by:
  1. Author and Title;
  2. ISBN;


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