Osho: A magia da autoestima



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Osho is the author behind A Magia da Autoestima and has a lot of spiritual books published in many languages.



Looking for a way to change your perspective about life?

In this book, Osho tells us all about true identity and how to reclaim that back.

Society imposes a lot of constraints that lead us to a life with low self-esteem.

Do you want to get it back?


What to Expect

Osho shows us how the world places these barriers and constraints in our lives.

Examples and stories from his life and other lives around him are a good point to start this conversation.

A conversation where we try to tell us how to get ourselves back.

To be happy and in order to have good self-esteem, we need to know our true selves.

Let this journey begin.


Book Conditions

– Read too many times

–  Stains in some pages

–  Able to have a new owner, and another and another

–  Not recommended for a picky book lover


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