Menstrual Cup



OrganiCup is vegan, allergy certified and free of toxic substances



OrganiCup is the menstrual cup that protects you and the Planet at the same time.

What are you waiting for? Try it on. Periods are cool and talk about it needs to be a free topic.

Our period it is a conversation going on. Woman sharing thoughts, ideas and experiences.

Be cool with your period too!



In addition, this cup is vegan, allergy certified (no use of latex or dyestuff) and free of toxic substances.

Do you need to talk about more benefits?

So, here you have it: OrganiCup is reusable, the best substitute for regular tampons and it has 12 hours capacity, what it is equivalent at 3 tampons.

We have it in two different sizes.

Size A – If you never had a natural childbirth

Size B – If you already had a natural childbirth


Care Instructions

  1. Fold and place – OrganiCup is very soft and flexible and once in place it opens and makes a vacuum that holds it in a safe way.
  2. Do your thing – OrganiCup is so safe that you can do your day to day life without worries. You can swim and run or any other sport you love.
  3. Empty it and wash it – wash the cup and place it again. You can use the OrganiWipes as well.


Eco Friendly

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