Inês Komakino Poetry Book – Dores de Crescimento



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Inês Komakino Poetry Book: Dores de Crescimento.

This is the first book of this author and it is an independent publication.

You know what?

The author started to write it at her sweet thirteen.



Inês Komakino has now 24 years OLD and published Dores de Crescimento just before Christmas.

She started to write these poems at 13 years old. Has been a journey printed in words.

Also, you can count with 4 parts. As life or the moon, Inês divides the book into 4 phases.


What to Expect

It is an honest conversation about love, life, and self-love.

Honest, raw but insightful.

You can see the writer grow. Not just through the 4 phases but also in her words and writing.

Once you start reading you start to see yourself in your younger years.

Step by step you can immerse in old feelings.

Or perhaps, imagine this little girl who steps into a grown woman.

Curious to read it?


  • Language: Portuguese
  • Cover: Paper
  • Ilustration: Inês Isaias


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