Handmade Dishes Bases



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Handmade in portugal by À mão de semear.

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(you can customize it, price depends on the size)


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Handmade Dishes Bases by À mão de Semear.

Carolina makes these marvellous items in Portugal.

Minimalist, simple and artisanal.



Items with natural shapes and cru tones.

The inspirations behind this piece are all the ancestral techniques.

Want to know more?



Sisal yarn and cotton thread are the components.

Plus: it is 100% organic and sustainable.


  • Diameter: 30 cm
  • Can be customized regarding color and size
  • Price: 20€ (this price applies to the item in this picture, depends always on the basket´s size)


Care Instructions

Keep it in a dry ambiance and protected from the sun.


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