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Author: Pablo d’Ors

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Biografia do Silêncio is a book about meditation.

Pablo d’Ors is the author. He tells their readers all about his own experience with internal silences.

Plus: he reveals how being in silence will enable you to reconnect with yourself.



Want to know everything about internal journeys?

Well, this is your book.

Pablo d’Ors explains how to do it and why is that so important.

Today we live in a noisy, noisy world.

So, being able to connect with ourselves is never overrated.


What to Expect

Biografia do Silêncio is a best-seller in Spain.

Furthermore, you can count it to be your guide.

Do you want to start your inner journey?

This may be the how-to you were looking for.


  • Language: Portuguese
  • Cover: Paper


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  • Almost new


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