Bamboo Cotton Buds

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Bamboo cotton buds. An awesome alternative to plastic



Do you claim yourself a traveler on a zero waste journey?

Here you have a sustainable alternative to plastic cotton buds.

You do not need to worry anymore about plastic being wasted to landfills.

At least the waste coming from you. #doyourpart right?



Each box contains 200 cotton buds, made with natural materials: bamboo and cotton.

In addition, we say: bamboo is our favourite renewable material so far. Is it yours too?

Some of you already call it as a super hero to replace single use plastic items.

Do you know why? Because it can grow up to a meter a day without chemicals and reduced amount of water.


Care Instructions

Do you recycle at home?

So, these instructions are made to you:

Bamboo cotton buds should be placed in the right recycing container. We suggest your bio-container because it will be disposal in a composter latter on. Or in your home composter if you have one.

In case you are asking what to do with the package. Are you?

Well, it is a simple recycled kraft box, you can reuse it. Perhaps be a bit creative? You can do some DIY.

On the other hand, if reuse is not your thing, make sure you place it in a recycling container, next to paper and cardbord.

The options are plenty!


Eco Friendly

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