Artisanal Bag: inspired from ancestral techniques



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Handmade in portugal by À mão de semear.

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Artisanal Bag: from Portugal to the world with Love.

Do you know what inspired its creation?

Ancestral Techniques. Plus: is 100% organic and sustainable.



This is piece is perfect for a walk on a nice sunny day.

Take it to the beach or a walk in the city center. Light and comfortable.

It matches a nice dress or your pre-loved jeans.



The brand behind this story is À mão de Semear.

A small-scale brand born this year.


  • Diameter: 27 cm
  • Sisal thread, cotton thread, and pine needles pendant
  • Can be customized regarding color and size
  • Made in Portugal
  • Price: 55€ (this price applies to the item in this picture, depends always on the basket´s size)


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