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Plastic Free: How to be part of the solution

Hey Eco Pal! I bet you are overwhelmed with so many topics and messages about all you can do to be part of this movement called Plastic Free July.

Here at Femptie we are glad so many people joined this movement or talked about it this year. It is a big issue and starting the conversation is already very good.

Although, it is not enough, not anymore. Mother Earth needs us, we can be their little heroes for a bit. Do you want to know how?

We will give you some tips to get you started.


Earth Overshoot Day

Earth Overshoot Day

First, we want you to be aware of some concepts.

Earth overshoot day has a different date each year. It represents the day we deplete all the natural resources Earth can renew for a year. So, from now on, we are living on the Planet expenses.

2019 is marked by July 29 and it´s almost funny. Right? We rise a movement about becoming a world free of single use plastic items and in the same month we reach our natural resources limit for the year.

Well, this can only mean one thing, we need to take some action.

If you get curious about it, you can see at Global Footprint Network our Global Ecological Footprint for each year and how each country is contributing. The mote is: Let´s move the date. Wanna help?


3 Tips to get you started

If you did not joined the movement on time or your attempt was unsuccessful, you should give it a new try. Now you can go Plastic Free August and beyond. It is possible to reduce the impact of your footprint on Earth. Starting with baby steps or going for the full run. What matters is you moving forward.

So, the first move of this Eco Journey starts with you perceiving this concept: everything you do not need is a waste of resources that belongs to all of us, also, it is a waste of your money.

Think about what you really need and what you don´t. This will make you reduce your shopping list.


Let´s talk about these 4 R´s: reduce; reuse; recycle and root.

It does not matter the amount of plastic or other material you use in your daily life if you do not understand and integrate these principles.

Reduce what you do not need; reuse what you can, these days you can find awesome secondhand shops and upcycling techniques (in case you like to craft); recycle all your garbage and root/compost the rest.


Well, now we can move on to our main goal. Help you with this Eco Journey of Free Plastic August and beyond.


1. Mini Market over Supermarket

Eco shopping bag

Once you get familiar with the mini markets on your street or even around your town you will never ask again for a supermarket on your life.

First, we do not need all that fancy stuff that big commercial superficies sell. At the mini market you can get better food, an authentic experience talking to the shop´s owner and you will also empower small scale businesses.

You will be able to get all the things on your shopping list and take it home on your Eco-Friendly Bag. Yes, this is a double tip.

Supermarkets always have a big amount of food on plastic bags and do not have a good solution for fruit and vegetables. Going to a small market you can get fresh food and carry it on your reused bags. Local Shops are your answer. Go for it. Whenever possible choose bulk stores.



2. Avoid single use plastic items

Is it not weird? Thinking that every cup of coffe you drinked in disposable plastic cups or even each toothbrush you had in your life is now, somewhere in a landfill? Well, that sums up the importance of recycling and to choose wisely what you use.

One of the best replacements for plastic is bamboo. Many brands are now emerging and bringing new products to life. Cork and bamboo are nice alternative materials.

To avoid single use plastic items please take your mug and cup with you during the day. Refuse disposable cups and other plastic items that you will only be able to use once.

The next time you need daily life products, such as toothbrushes and toothpastes, shampoos and soaps to do laundry and dishes you should ask for better solutions. Options without plastic bags and made with natural ingredients. You deserve it, your skin derserves it and Mother Nature says thanks.

We do not have all the products you may need to go 100% plastic free (yet), but surely we have enough to get you started. Look here for awesome options to start a plastic free life.



3. Return packages and containers whenever you can

Many brands and local shops has a return program for the packages and containers you may use to shopping your goods on their stores. Join these movements.

Look, we know many shops and stores do not have this policy. Well, you can always give the first step. Return the packages you do not use anymore to the owners. They will appreciate that.


If you have any additional tips, feel free to share with all of us.

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