It´s an invitation!

We officially welcome all men and women,

You too, young fellow,

Boys and girls, come on board.

We invite all of you, to feel


We mean: to emptie yourselves from everything meaningless.

Instead, focus on what makes your heart pump.

Many referred to that as “the little things of life”,

Others understand it as “life ventures and adventures”.

Do you already know what drives your beat?

Follow it like a musketeer.

In case of lost don´t follow the rabbit!

You know the way, follow your compass

Detach from consumerism,

A personal journey is all about you, your goals, and your values.

We must warn: Emptiness is required,

To clear your mind and see

What truly matters!

We are here to help you navigate,

Through a showcase of conscious brands.

Pre-loved books and some art, also.

We are here to present,

Pioneers, pure fashion visionaries

People with a purpose

Individuals activating the change

Will you join us?




Travel instructions:

It is not a war or even a little fight.

Remember that, musketeer.

  • Leave your weapons at home.
  • We are under this code of honor:
  • Bravery, transparency, equity.
We plan to be learmazed* in every step of the way.


Bring your eco confetti,

We like to be thankful and celebrate each small step!

Feel femptie!


Learmazed = the state of being amazed while learning something new


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