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Best ebooks to read through 2019

If you find yourself looking for good books to read out of the paper. Well, we are making a good list for you. Just keep scrolling.


I am super attached to paper books, because I love leaf through a book as I please. That feeling of authenticity. Do you know what I mean right?

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List of the best ebooks to read now


Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

Image from Gather Goods CoBig Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

1. Big Magic – Creative Living Beyond Fear

If you are looking for a life changing book and a way to be inspired to tackle what you want, this is your book. Elizabeth Gilbert shows how to pursuit what we love and face down what we most fear. Is a book to guide us on the path of discovering wonder and joy.

Curious to know more?

Author: Elizabeth Gilbert




Normal People - Sally Rooney

Image from Book Depository


2. Normal People

Normal People is the number one Sunday Times and top five New York Times Bestseller; it was also, shortlisted for the Irish Novel of the Year Award 2019. Already in the mood to read?

A story about a boy and a girl living in Ireland. One is famous among his friends and peers, the other is a loner. Despite all that, once they meet each other everything changes. This is the story about two people who try to stay apart but find it impossible.

Author: Sally Rooney






City of Girls - Elizabeth Gilbert

Image from Amazon

3. City of Girls

Looking for a book who brings all your emotions up?

City of Girls is an Elizabeth Gilbert book and is an amazing fiction story about love during 1940s.  A challenging path that leads Vivian into a life of freedom to be who she is, who she wants to be.

Author: Elizabeth Gilbert



Atomic Habits - James Clear

Image from Amazon




4. Atomic Habits

Trying to change things but end up always walking on circles?

Atomic Habits is a James Clear book and it came to life with one purpose: help us to change our lives through meaningful but small habits. If we change a bit every day, we will experience big changes on the long run.

Author: James Clear




Sapiens - A brief story of humankind

Image from Lotus Gallery

5. Sapiens: A brief History of Humankind

A book that explains how biology and history has been defining us as society and human beings. A story that begins about 70,000 years ago, has a lot of ups and downs for humans and other habitants on Earth. Who is up to read this one?

Earth is now different from the times of our ancestors and it is changing within a fast pace.

Author: Yuval Noah Harari







This is our top five books to read till 2019 comes to an end. You can count with a romance; a book that levels up your perspective about human race; other about proccesses to evolve as a person and fly into happiness and so much more.

If you have some good suggestions please let us know, share your thoughts with us!

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