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We have been working from home for a while now! Quiet and calm, looking into our new reality in a new perspective every day!
How things can change so much and so quick, how amazing is our capability to adapt and grow.
Honestly, we are amazed by the way our online community has answered to that situation. People helping groups in risk, brands sharing each other. Content spread through social media looks more intentional and its not shared only with sales in mind. Has a new purpose, helping, serving, entertaining.
Because we can't do more than stay home and help the ones around us; we are here just to give a big thank you note to everyone inspiring us these days 🌿
Keep Safe
Stay Home
Do your part 💓 This beauty was handmade with lots of love and its a wonderful detail on your style for the Christmas stroll ⭐

Get to know the source of your products. The question about who makes the things we wear it is now more important than ever. Information spreads so much easier nowadays and its our job to listen. See what really matters! 💘

That's why we are making these Transparency Talks 🎙
So, we can introduce to you the makers behind the brands and give a beautiful start to this on going conversation. 
#whomadeyourbag This image is our great duo: Kalium and Musa Natural Cosmetics! 
We already have this amazing, ethically handmade in Portugal Bat Sleeve Sweater on our website. ⚡

What about this natural lipstick?
Well, you already know them all.
We have it in three differen colors. 💘
#madeinportugal Handmade work at its best! 
This is our makers of the month working manually on the cuteste labels you ever seen 💘 This 2 in 1 lipstick are the natural choice for this season! Warm colors made only with natural ingredients🍂💛
〰️color made out of natural minerals
〰️smooth as hell 
@musanaturalcosmetics ⚡📸 New colors this Fall 🍂
We are in love with this rouge burel shoes with cords for the little ones ❤
📷 @noogmi Noogmi is one of our first 3 brands and we are so grateful for the opportunity to work with these two amazing makers! ❤ 🎙During this week we will launch on our blog a special interview with Susana e Alexandra. Get to know everything about the founders and the brand ⚡ Last questions for Kalium answered here!⁠
Which new projects are coming up?⁠
🎙️ "Partnerships with other projects are coming and some new products in the spring".⁠
Why just sober colors?⁠
🎙️ "Because sober colors are timeless and very easy to match. Kalium is going to have some colors, but black and white is going to be always present. So, people can match Kalium pieces with other colorful piece of an other sustainable brand".⁠

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