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OrganiCup is one of the best solutions for menstruation. #periodsarecool and if you think not, you should try it. ⠀
〰 Health Guide: Allergy Certified and free of toxic substances. Green Tips 👇⠀
One of the best ways to avoid single use plastic...⠀ taking a shopping bag with you every time you go shopping!⠀
Who already does that? Put your hands up if you do 🙋 #vegan shoes for him. ⠀
Confortable shoes in light grey color. Made in Portugal!⠀
Could we ask for more? Our new coming brand has a big commitment with replace single use plastic items. We aplause to that 👏👏
Going green is all about small steps, because a union of individual gestures is all we need for a big and good impact on Earth. 🍃
Soon we will have new items on store! All of you wanting to become #zerowaste and #plasticfree keep up with the good news! 📷 @bambaw.zerowaste OrganiCup is easy to use. It may not seem like it but we are here to  help. If you are wondering how to fold it, please slide the photo. 👉
📷 @kacheetee (she shows all the steps to fold it like that) Our #ethicalgiveaway has a winner! We want to thank all participants for the awesome hearted comments you left. 
We will have new giveaways, so do not worry, you can win next time. ❤ keep in touch with us.
📷 @noogmi Baby steps we always say! Start small and grow, step by step you will conquer your goals and dreams. You want a secret formula?⁣
We got you. So, that´s the thing, you can never give up,⁣ you keep trying, today better than yesterday. 👣 Embroidered slippers. Are they cool or what?⁣
🍃 made with portuguese cork⁣
⚡ ethically made in Portugal⁣
📷 @naeveganshoes

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