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We do have time. If we join efforts we can save our Mother: Earth. ⁠
New article on our blog 🔰 ⁠
This time talking about simple actions that we all can embrace easily. #savemotherearth 📷 @nixenkuss⁠
One more time, it is not Sunday. But this beautiful account crossed our way on a Thursday. #awesomestuff A brief resume about #plasticfreejuly⁠
We are glad so many people joinned the movement. But, after so many posts, articles and shared stories. We guess we all want practical tips to apply on August and the rest of the months ahead. #saynotosingleuseplastic Plastic Talks⁠
Plastic is dirty stuff. I guess that after all these talkings about plastic everyone gets it.⁠
So, what´s left? What can we change on our day to day lives?⁠
🔰 Simple tricks to change your life on the blog. #slowliving This red vegan shoes are gone. ⁠
But we still have it in three more colors.⁠
Our new favourite is in mustard 💛⁠
📷 @naeveganshoes⁠
⁠ We are looking for your tips and ideas. ⁠
What do you do on a daily basis to improve your ecological footprint? ⁠
🌿 Please share it with us! We are eager to hear all about it.⁠ ⁠Hey. It is Sunday!⁠
Here it goes 📷 @jeannedamas⁠
⁠ This amazing soap with citrus aroma is made of 🥁⁠
Yogurt. Say Yay. ⁠
Look for Musa Cosmetics at our shop. All of its soaps are made with natural ingredients in Portugal. 🌿

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