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You are never to small to make a difference.
I bet you have heard that a lot. Right?⠀
Well,  honestly, we are here today to reaffirm that statement. We all need to be more activist, act local, do our part. ⠀
Please. Do it from your heart!⠀
Mother Earth says thanks! We bet on that too. 🌿⠀
⠀ Our favorites are here again! ⠀
Who loves it too?⠀
📷 @naeveganshoes This black confortable heeled shoes are one of our clients favourites. 
You can join them to every outfit, it will fit both casual or formal events. 
Plus, they are vegan, ethically made in Portugal and eco-friendly 🌿 We loved the mood of last weekend. Everyone was celebrating Children's day! 💛

So, we decided to extend this day for a week. In order to do that we have our sweet sweet burel shoes with cords for sale till sunday. 
#childrensday 1st of june 
Happy children's day 💛 Our bags are handmade in Oporto!⠀
Do you want to know a bit more about it?⠀
#whomadeyourbag ⠀
Our commitment is not only with Mother Earth! ⠀
It is with you too. Today is International Day for Women´s Health. 💜⠀
In order to celebrate this date we will be sharing posts and articles about the importance of taking care of our body and mind. ⠀
- You can count on tipes and tricks to avoid nasty stuff. We say:⠀ 0% chemicals and 0% toxins⠀
100% kind to your body⠀
And you?⠀
#kindtoyourbody This vegan summer shoes are one of our week obsessions! ⠀
Made in Portugal 🌿

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