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Made in Portugal with portuguese ingredients ❤️⁠
Portuguese Cork sole and burel shoes!⁠
#madeinportugal Social Media Networks should serve and contribute to inspire a better world!⁠
So, today we share Ethical Fashion Initiative.⁠
An organization linking Top Brands to Skilled Artisans. Mentoring African Designers as well. ⁠
#NotCharityJustWork Well, we believe in endless summers, timeless colections! ⁠
And we recently heard that it is always summer somewhere ☀️⁠
This feeling make us love our vegan sandals even more! ⁠
📷@naeveganshoes⁠ Katia is our founder and maker of the week! ⁠
Did you know that she makes most of the clothes herself?⁠
Soon, we will show you a lot about her atelier.⁠
If you want to read her interview go to the link in bio. 🎙️⁠
#transparencytalks Did you know Kalium has ethical stuff for guys too?⁠
Wow 🌿💥⁠
This ethical t-shirt is made with organic cotton and has a fair trade certificate. ⁠
The illustration is a creativity done by Katia, the founder of @Kalium and printed with serigraphy technique.⁠
Each tiny detail matters!⁠
#portuguesebrands Details from our handmade bag! ⁠
Check this out at our online store 🍃
📸 @noogmi Our transparent triangle bra is becoming famous around ethical babes! We are so proud of it.⁠
Embracing and empowering the good brands is way more cool than wear a different piece every day.⁠
Choose timelessness 🔥⁠
📸 Our black handmade shoes! ⁠
What can we say?⁠
Comfortable: check⁠
Easy going: yap⁠
handmade in Portugal: oh yeah ❤️
📸 @noogmi

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