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100% cotton with a round shape! Sabrina styled! Shoes made with portuguese ingredients. 💘 Who wanna try them on? Hey there! We are online. 🎈
Go to our link in bio and find some awesome fair products. Eco friendly too. 🌿
We started our journey almost two years ago and here we are, launching today, at International Woman Day. So proud of our journey! A brand handmade in Portugal with 💘⁣
If you want to here this brand Eco Story please put your hands up, like this 🙋⁣
⁣ We bravely present to you some eco warrior brands! Bringing each one of them to the spotlight.📷⁣
You can find them here, on our facebook page and very soon on our online store. ⁣
We are now working on a new window for sustainability, a new online showcase. 🚀⁣
⁣ New Brand! Handmade with love in Portugal ❤ We still have a link to this mind changing documentary: The True Cost. If you are a Netflix lover you can watch it there! 📽️ #documentary #thetruecost #fairfashion #fairtrade #ethicalfashion #fashionrevolution #whomadeyourclothes⁣
⁣ Shooting Day! We are creating inspiring images to share with you! 📷 #consciousbrands #shootingday

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