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Do you want to read the full interview?⁠
We want to give you an insight of the makers lives and goals. How they are doing things. ⁠
We are casting some Transparency Talks!⁠
Please check it here (⁠
Link in Bio as well 🎙️⁠
⁠ Living slow and doing things mindfully.⁠
That describes our guests of this week just perfectly.⁠
Did you know they left America to own a sustainable spot in Italy?⁠
How cool is that?⁠
#VillaLuna Puglia is an amazing spot in Italy.⁠
Laura and Jim can confirm that and maybe help you to organize your EcoTravell. They have a beautiful spot to receive guests as well. ⁠
📸 @forloveofthemoon Our Velvet Black Bodysuit is already one of our favorites!⁠
🔥 Design and made in Bulgaria by local seamstresses and small independent ateliers. ⁠
#05studio The Makers Tale⁠
Our first guest has a beautiful spot in Puglia, Italy. 🍃⁠
Jim and Laura chased a dream for a long time.⁠
Now they have their own Villa in Puglia.⁠
They live simple.⁠
Laura has a Clothes Brand as well.⁠
Stay tuned. We will tell you all about it. ⁠
⁠ Going green or free yourself from plastic is about simple actions. 🌿⁠
We have awesome products to help you on that within journey. ⁠
Do you already tried our soap to wash dishes?⁠
Yes, it is made of natural ingredients and is a solid bar.⁠
No plastic at all, it is wraped on a simple recyclable box. 👊 #saynotoplasticsingleuse The Makers Tale is here 🔥⁠
Do you know what we have been doing?⁠
We will open a conversation with our makers.⁠
To do that we will cast an ongoing talk⁠
The Transparency Talks 🎙️⁠
We will ask questions to our makers and invite them to present themselves and the brand.⁠
So, do not be shy, you can make some questions as well. Shoot it 👇⁠
Our first guests are Jim and Laura. This is Laura and this story is just not about the brand but also about a traveling spot in Italy.⁠
Do you want to know more?⁠
Keep in touch, we will soon tell you all about it.⁠
#themakerstale Eager for an extra dose of confidence at the beach?⁠
Well, we got you covered. ⁠
This one piece swimsuit is so elegant, it fits just perfct.⁠
〰️Made of dead stock fabrics⁠
〰️UV and Chlorine Resistant⁠
〰️Adjustable Straps⁠
Check it at our store (Link in Bio) 🌊

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